A USPA Coach Is the first Instructional Rating a skydiver can earn in our sport. The Coach Course trains and certifies individuals to become USPA Coaches through a three day process. On day one we will discuss effective communication of skydiving skills by better understanding how people learn and applying proper presentation technique. Day two tests the individuals on their ability to teach a new jumper based on principles learned on day one. On the third and final day candidates prove their ability to fly with new jumpers as well as effectively debrief them based on the student’s performance. The coach rating is a pre-requisite for all other skydive ratings.

Photo by Daniel Angulo 


Requirements for taking the course:

  • Current USPA membership
  • USPA B-License
  • Minimum of 100 jumps
  • "Before the USPA Coach Rating Course" Section of the Coach Proficiency Card


Proficiency Card:

  • The "Coach Proficiency Card" is in the back of the Coach section of the IRM (Instructional Rating Manual). You will need a current (no older than 24 months) version of the IRM and SIM (Skydiver's Information Manual) for the course.


 Photo by Daniel Angulo

 The Course:

  • The course is three days and will start at 8am with verification of requirements (see above), also have your USPA Membership card and logbook for verification.


  • $295 + jumps (2 jumps required paying your slot as well as your evaluator's and any video if used) This fee covers the training and Examiner's fees. The fees do not cover any USPA or DZ fees. Travel Expenses, including lodging will be split up by the candidates.

*rates subject to change



  • To register for a course please notify us through our contact page.