AFF Rating

AFF Deploy Sequence by Ori Kuper-edit by USPA

Photo by Ori Kuper-edit by USPA

Requirements for taking the course:

  • 18 years of age or older
  • Current USPA membership
  • USPA C-License
  • USPA Coach or Instructor (S/L, IAD, Tandem)
  • 6 hours of freefall (must be logged and signed or
  • "Prior to arrival at the USPA Instructor
    Rating Course" Section of the Coach Proficiency Card

Proficiency Card:

  • The "Prior to arrival at the USPA Instructor
    Rating Course" is in the back of the AFF section of the IRM (Instructional Rating Manual). You will need a current (no older than 24 months) version of the IRM and SIM (Skydiver's Information Manual) for the course.

The Course:

  • The course will start at 8am with verification of requirements (see above), also have your USPA Membership card and logbook for verification.


  • During the pre-course we will make practice jumps geared to prepare you for evaluation skydives. We will go over everything from exits and basic slot flying to spin stops and roll overs. If you want to show up prepared for an AFF course this is one of the best tools you can use.


  • AFF Course
    • $700 per candidate
        AFFexit-Credit-Henry Prewitt

        Photo by Henry Prewitt

  • Pre-Course:
    • 1-2 Candidates - $250 (per day)
    • $125 per additional Candidate
  • Plus slots, travel and lodging expenses, USPA fees, and any DZ fees

*rates subject to change


  • To register for a course please notify us through our contact page.