Student programs do a great job teaching you basic survival skills and set a solid foundation for group freefall skills, but often jumpers would like to push their skills without "ruining" others jumps. Whether you are a recently licensed jumper or have been jumping for years, 1-on-1 coaching can help you push to the next level. By working with an individual coach you can take the time to focus on your skills without worry about others on the jump. Our coaches wear video on each jump to better debrief each jump. Outside video may be hired as needed or requested. Whether you are working on the basics or want to advance your techniques, the time you spend with a qualified coach will save you from making mistakes on regular jumps and having to retrain your bad habits. You will save money and time by learning skills in fewer jumps. Want to get the edge on your buddy Sign up today and get the jump on him.

We offer coaching by the jump, half day, or day. Our rates are as follow:

  • $30/jump
  • $100 half day
  • $175 full day

Plus slots (and coaches pack job if calls are shorter than 20 minutes)